Notary Service in Hollywood

Notary Service in Hollywood Florida

A notary public provides authentication of documents and other services relating to official documents which includes administering oaths and affirmations, asking for ID, witnessing signing over sensitive documents, ensuring signatures are authentic, taking affidavits, and much more.

Your notary public may work out of a local office; provide mobile services to clients, or both. Risks of being a notary public include errors or made while providing notary services, legal liabilities in your office, and other miscellaneous business risks. Notary Public Insurance protects these risks.

General liability insurance offers coverage for products liability, premises liability, and completed operations. For a notary public, the completed operations and premises liability are of vital importance as a notary public performs services from an office and is at risk of a lawsuit if your customer injures himself in your office.

General liability insurance benefits you by helping to cover legal costs and the cost of damage or loss your customer experienced and protecting your business assets.

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