Auto Tag Agency in Hollywood

Auto Tag Agency in Hollywood

Title transfers:

When you buy or sell a vehicle or require a name change on a car title after a marriage or divorce, you'll usually need to transfer the title. You might have to provide an odometer reading, a vehicle identification number (VIN), and a bill of sale.

Tag transfers:

A tag transfer can be requested for a used or new vehicle. A tag transfer allows you to transfer your current tags to an entirely different vehicle. When you transfer your current tags to a used or new vehicle, a new title and registration is generated to the next vehicle. This cannot be transferred to another vehicle if the owner is different or if tags are expired. Tags can be transferred with the following documents: a current vehicle registration for the vehicle with the tags, a current vehicle title, a valid insurance policy, a valid vehicle inspection and valid drivers license.

Tag renewal:

If you own a standard motor vehicle, then you must renew every year by your birthday, with the renewal period beginning 30 days prior to the registration deadline. If a vehicle is registered to more than one person, the date of birth of the first person listed on the registration will be used as the renewal deadline. For motor vehicles owned by a company, the registration must be renewed annually by the last day of the designated month determined during the initial registration.

Lost tag and title

If you lost a tag, sticker or registration card you can bring a registration card with the year, make and VIN of the vehicle along with your insurance information and a new tag, sticker or registration card will be issue to you. To receive a new title, you must submit the following: the year, make, and VIN, tag number and/or title number of vehicle which can be obtained from a current or old registration card, insurance card, policy or invoice statement, or a vin plate on the vehicle.

Boat and trailer

If you use your vehicle to pull trailers, you should consider purchasing trailer insurance. This type of insurance will protect you if you damage the contents of your trailer and/or cause damage to another while using your trailer.

Applications for vessel registration and title certificates can be filed by the vessel owner with the county tax collector’s office in the county where the vessel or owner resides.

The purchaser of a new vessel has 30 days in which to apply for registration and title through the county tax collector's office. During this 30-day grace period, the owner is required to have a bill of sale with proof of the date of purchase, aboard his vessel.

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